Hospice Care

We Serve Patients Where They Live

Weinstein Hospice is a not-for-profit organization offering a comprehensive array of services for adults who wish to manage their end-of-life health care needs in their homes. Our experienced team of healthcare professionals and trained volunteers are dedicated to alleviating pain and managing symptoms that interfere with the quality of living.

Atlanta is one of very few communities to have a home-based not-for-profit Jewish hospice. Since 1999, Weinstein Hospice has served over 2,400 families in our community with individualized homecare so patients can be among the people and things they love.

Why Weinstein Hospice?

The Only Jewish Hospice in Georgia
A Jewish Hospice for Everyone

Federal law requires all hospices to provide the same set of services. How then, can you evaluate the differences between hospices?

Weinstein Hospice is a small, not-for-profit with a very low staff to patient ratio that has a profound impact on the amount of time and individual attention we give to our patients. Our non-profit status enables us to keep our caseload small and serve families other hospices would turn away.  We receive invaluable support from the Jewish Community, which helps make this care possible.

Weinstein Hospice cares for non-Jewish patients; however, as a Jewish Hospice, we possess a built-in recognition of the cultural nuances, collective histories, and sensibilities many Jewish people share. We know the Jewish calendar, traditions, and rituals, and have Russian and Hebrew-speaking staff. While we have no preference, agenda, or beliefs about any particular Jewish practice or lack thereof, we appreciate that secular and non-secular Jews have often sought out Jewish-identified community, providers, and businesses. We believe that end-of-life care should include that same cultural comfort zone and institutional support.

We value our privilege to serve the Atlanta-area community by (caring for the sick) bikkur cholim, (bringing comfort to the bereaved) nichum avelim, and (celebrating life) l’chaim.

Our Difference is Our People 

We believe wholeheartedly in the power of the individual, the importance of relationships and the value of respect and dignity to everyone at every stage of life. Our goal is to create a positive difference in every patient’s day, to make a personal connection and to create memorable moments that enrich the lives of each of our patients and their families.

Hear Firsthand Experiences

Our word is our honor. But see for yourself the stories of families who have been touched by Weinstein Hospice.