Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Information

In continued consultation with the Medical Director of The William Breman Jewish Home, Dr. Elliott Jackson, Jewish HomeLife follows the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). 


Protecting our Residents and Staff

Among our senior care peers, Jewish HomeLife is leading the way with regard to testing, contact tracing, PPE and infection control. We have a proven track record of isolating and containing any instances of COVID-19, and keeping our communities safe and healthy for residents and team members.

Watch our 2-minute video to see how the exceptional men and women of Jewish HomeLife have come together to protect our residents and each other.

From activities and dining to visitation and care, our team members compassionately balance safety requirements with the need to reduce isolation and keep our residents engaged and active.

Criteria for Admissions/Residency During COVID-19 Pandemic 

Jewish HomeLife Visitation Guidelines (updated 09.25.2020)


Jewish HomeLife Safety Pillars

Since the first days of the pandemic, Jewish HomeLife continually earns the trust of our residents, clients and families by operating all our residential communities and at-home care services with four guiding safety pillars, to the best of our ability, each day.

Ensure the safety of our residents and clients

Ensure the safety of our staff

Continue to educate and train our team members about infection control and COVID-19, based upon evolving virus developments

Continue our partnerships with all local, state and federal agencies

View our Infection Control State Inspections

William Breman Jewish Home (10/21/2020)
William Breman Jewish Home (06/16/2020)

Care for a New Age

Jewish HomeLife was put to the test early in the pandemic, having one of the first assisted living communities in Georgia with confirmed cases. Through our aggressive PPE procurement efforts, widespread contact tracing, access to highly sensitive and accurate PCR testing with 24-hour results, and excellent staff training, we very quickly contained the virus and had minimal spread. We have led the way in infection control, and have earned our families’ trust.

Watch our Chief Operating Officer Jeff Gopen, who leads our COVID-19 Incident Command Center, answers frequently asked questions about what our communities are doing every day to keep our residents and staff safe.