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Weinstein is my lifeline…

I am Carolyn Miner, a patient with Weinstein living with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer.
I have just finished reading the numerous testimonials submitted by various family members of people that have passed away under the loving care, guidance, professionalism and medical expertise of Weinstein hospice.
My husband Bob was also a Weinstein patient. On Nov 18, 2021 after 53 1/2 years of a wonderful marriage, I was holding his hand as we did our last “I Love You’s” as he passed away. No one knows how long I have to live and there is no one to write after I’m gone. Since I am still well enough, I decided to add my 2 cents as a patient.
I am in a personal care facility. Weinstein is my lifeline, all the accolades are true times ten. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, and in every other way you can think of Weinstein has been there for me. I know I am in good hands in the end.
My thanks and gratitude go out to everyone. Judy Feinman and other volunteers Chiquita, Julia, Joy, Carla Pollikov, and especially Nolan Teter. Your saying “People Make The Difference,” couldn’t be more accurate.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Carolyn Miner

Atlanta is very fortunate to have this tremendous resource…

“I wanted to thank you for the tremendous professionalism, care, attention, competence, comfort and empathy your talented staff showed my mother, Myra Fineman, and our family during the past 6 weeks after her diagnosis of Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. Your service and the multi-discipline team who cared for my mother during her final days provided needed comfort and stability in what was otherwise a very disrupted time in our lives. Mom felt a special connection with Weinstein Hospice, as she knew Milton and Vi. Atlanta is very fortunate to have this tremendous resource. Thank you for your leadership and assembling such a  quality team.”

Dave Fineman

It was a great comfort…

“On behalf of my entire family, I want to thank you for the excellent and loving care you provided not only for my Dad, but for our family. I am so fortunate to have been a volunteer with Weinstein Hospice for several years, and to have had an opportunity to work closely with each of you. This exposure gave me the information to make the right decisions for Dad during his illness.

When it became clear that Dad was not going to get well, we, the family, knew that we wanted him at home in a loving atmosphere, with caring medical attention that would be committed to keeping him comfortable. We felt this would provide us with the time we wanted to spend with him in his last days as well as the comfort level of knowing that he would be handled with dignity and respect. We also knew we would be able to call on you for emotional and volunteer support. It was a great comfort to be able to call your medical team with our questions, at any time, so that Dad never had to suffer needlessly. After sixty-three years of caring for Dad, Mom was able to hand over the decisions to your capable hands.

We consider ourselves a very fortunate family to have had Dad with us for 85 years, mostly in good health. Even so, it is never easy to say good-bye. With your help and guidance, we were able to make our good-byes in the most loving and dignified surroundings, and to make his last week on earth meaningful for him and for us.”

Alice Shapiro

We will never forget the kindness and support…

“My family would like to thank all the members of the hospice team. Each and every one who was involved helped our mother’s passing be a peaceful one. We will never forget the kindness and support shown to us and our mother in this final phase of her life.

Without the resources you provided us, we would not have been able to enjoy the final month of our mother’s life. Knowing the Weinstein Hospice staff was there to answer our questions and provide moral and spiritual support, provided us with more than you will know.”

Renee Rinzler, Robyn Dempsey, Andrea Hungerford and Marilyn Sager

We could not have done it without you…

“There are no words to adequately express our appreciation to Weinstein Hospice. For 14 months, the Nurse dispensed wisdom, showed compassion, cared for Ted and held my hand – all with a smile.

Ted was modest and I worried when he needed shower assistance. The Hospice Aid’s warm, engaging manner charmed Ted from the start and he was always eager to see her.

We are all glad that Ted’s struggle has ended and he is at peace. Thanks for making him as comfortable and content as possible. We could not have done it without you.”

Judy Aspes and Family

A note of thanks for the care that my step-father received in the hands of your staff….

“I just wanted to write you a note of thanks for the wonderful care that my step-father received in the hands of your caregivers through Weinstein Hospice. Halsted Payne passed away this past Friday. In particular, I wanted to let you know that Carla Polikov and Nolan Teter were exceptional in their care for Halsted and for my family.  They were warm and kind and so very attentive to all of our needs.  They helped us with so many details that I can’t even enumerate them right now.  We were so struck by their care that we decided to request that any donations that come to our family for condolences be sent to you in honor of their care of Halsted.   We hope that any monies you receive in his name will go toward furthering the mission of Weinstein, one which was definitely lived out in the care we received from Nolan and Carla.  We will remain eternally grateful that the last few days of Halsted’s life were spent in the care of two such amazing individuals.”

Karen McLeavy

You held my hand and walked me through…

“…you embraced my heart and held it at times when I felt it was barely beating. At other times, when I feared it might leap right from my chest, you held my hand and walked me through the truth of what lay ahead”

Dr. Terry Segal

All of your wonderful personalities…

“How can we ever thank all of you who helped Bobby during the last nine months of life? All of your wonderful personalities who came into our lives were so positive, friendly and healing for him and for us.”

Lillie Janko and Family

Gifts of kindness and love and compassion…

“We can’t thank you enough for the gifts of kindness and love and compassion you gave during my mom’s last days of life. Having Weinstein Hospice made this challenging, life-changing process so much smoother. We appreciate you more than words can express.”

Larry, Kelley, Kim, Jason and Jamie Pullman

I will always be grateful…

“Here I sit just hours away from my father’s funeral, reflecting on the events of the last several months. Less than 2 months ago my father-in-law died in his home surrounded by his loving children.

Less than 2 days ago my own Dad died at home surrounded by his loving wife and three daughters. The two men in my life who taught me about love, family and humility are gone.

The role that Weinstein Hospice played in my life in these few weeks is enormous. The bereavement counselor was and continued to be available to my husband, his brother and sister. Amazingly with both my dads the same nurse was assigned. Her kind soft manner and no nonsense approach to the task made these difficult days as bearable as possible. She explained every detail of the process of keeping them comfortable during their last days and nurtured us through our darkest hours.

I do not believe that anyone can understand the value of Weinstein Hospice until they, themselves, have experienced it.

I will always be grateful to those who guided me through this process.

Thanks to all your staff and volunteers for what they do”.

Laura Zaban Dinerman

She had a great 94 year run, and died peacefully, with little suffering….

“We want to thank everyone involved with Zelda Berlin’s care up until her death on Saturday.  She had a great 94 year run, and died peacefully, with little suffering. Please extend our appreciation to everyone at The One Group and Weinstein Hospice.  Our community is blessed to have such dedicated and caring professionals for families like ours.  We’re so glad your teams were there for us and mom.”

Barry Berlin

I will forever be grateful…

“Words cannot express how I feel about all of you. I can’t even imagine what I would have done without all of you this past year. You gave me comfort, knowing he was always in good hands. You helped him through the last few weeks making him as comfortable as possible, treating him with the dignity he deserved. I will forever be grateful to all of you.”

Jane Spanierman

Words cannot express the appreciation…

“It has taken me quite a while to collect myself so I could write you a note and explain how much it meant to Claire and me to have you as our caregiver/friend. As you know, this was the most difficult thing we have ever been thru in our life and you helped us find our way. Your steady hand made the journey much more bearable.

Claire trusted your medical skills fully, knew you were making sure she has the best possible care and was happy when you came thru our door – the chemistry was right. You were my rock – I was in a place where I had never been and was not sure of what to expect or how to respond to Claire’s needs. And you were there for me as a guide and as a friend as well.
Words cannot express the appreciation we have for what you did for us.”

Neill Nichols and Family

To all of the many wonderful people…

“It has taken me a while to sit down and write this letter to all of the many wonderful people we have come in contact with at Weinstein Hospice. I remember calling my friend when we needed Hospice for Mom and she said, ‘you must call Weinstein Hospice, they were a blessing to me when my mother was ill’. She was so right and we do not know what we would have done if it was not for your remarkable organization.

From the very beginning when I spoke to the intake nurse the staff was absolutely amazing. The support and networking is unbelievable. I cannot praise your organization enough.

To the dear nurse, what can I say, you were my support system. You held my hand and gave me the strength to make the decisions we had to make.
To the doctor who clarified the medical situation and guided us through the right path for Mom, thanks for the advice and care.
To the social worker who gave me the encouragement and right words to handle the situation, you were always there.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your dedication. Your organization deserves the utmost praise for helping a woman die with dignity and pride”

Arnold and Ellen Bernstein

I only can sing their highest praise…

“Weinstein took care of both my parents before they passed away. I only can sing their highest praise. They were kind, caring, professional and fantastic.”

Lynette Joel