Compassionate Hospice Care at Home

Vi and Milton Weinstein Hospice is our hospice partner. Weinstein Hospice is a nonprofit organization that provides comfort and the highest quality hospice care at home to people confronting life-limiting and end-of-life illnesses – and their families.

Services provide spiritual, emotional, and medical support that reflects the traditional Jewish concern for the personal dignity and uniqueness of each human life. Consistent with the Jewish belief that hospitality is a value, we welcome any patient and their family, people of the Jewish faith, any other faith, or no faith at all.

Jewish In-Home Hospice

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“We were in the infusion room when my husband’s doctor told us his treatments were no longer effective. I heard the word hospice and remembered hearing that word from a dear friend a few months earlier. Weinstein Hospice helped me, as well as my children, by doing everything my husband would have planned and wanted for the end of his life. The care we received as a family was remarkable. I want people to know that the care from Weinstein Hospice is offered to all religious communities. I can never thank them enough.”
Alice Mercado, Widow of Former Patient

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