Engaging & Fun from Day One.

Socialization with peers is one of the most important benefits of living in an assisted living community, and at The Cohen Home we take that very seriously. Whether your loved one enjoys quiet time or a bustle of activity, we provide plenty of opportunities for both every day.

At The Cohen Home, we create fun, engaging and intergenerational programs that bolster the physical, social, and mental well-being of each person. We celebrate simchas and observe holidays with our families, friends and the local community—in a warm, home-like environment that respects Jewish values, always guided by the biblical principle of “honoring thy mother and father.”

Taking Care of People. It’s in Our DNA.

Warmth. Camaraderie. Compassion. Care. You feel it from the moment you come into our community. Our friendly, carefully selected staff is available 24/7, to ensure residents and their families have the experience they deserve. Life should be as worry-free and rewarding as possible, so every member of our team is dedicated to seeing that it is.

Activities. Celebrations and Outings
(Oh My)!

At The Cohen Home, we make everyday life easier so residents can continue pursuing interests and hobbies they love, and perhaps even discover some new ones. Our residents have plenty of opportunities—with as much or as little support they need—to learn, socialize with their peers, celebrate special occasions, go on outings, and have the time of their life.