Care. It’s in Our DNA.


Everything we do at Jewish HomeLife, collectively and individually, is guided by Jewish values.

This is sacred work. Our values teach us to cherish life, respect all people and honor their dignity – especially our aging loved ones.

We’re also taught the importance and restorative power of family. It’s about creating comfort through healing, and healing through comfort. It just makes things better, physically and spiritually. Which in turn brings peace of mind to all involved.

Jewish values pump the heart of our tradition, and have been doing so for hundreds of generations. We believe that taking care of people comes to us naturally, that it’s in our blood.

We are an equal opportunity caregiver. One does not have to be Jewish to find comfort in the Jewish HomeLife family. We warmly welcome all faiths, races and ages. Always have. Always will.

Our Core Values

Respect for those we serve.
Innovation that supports excellence.
Passion for serving others.
Responsibility to our community.
Resourcefulness that expands solutions.
Tradition as our guide.

Our Mission

Jewish HomeLife supports the journey of aging through health and daily living solutions, guided by Jewish values.

Aging is part of life. As a non-profit organization that has been serving older adults since 1951, the Jewish HomeLife network of residential communities and at-home care services offers leading-edge, care-inspired solutions that make your home life better – whether you reside in your own home or in one of ours.

Ethics Committee


The Jewish HomeLife ethics committee has been established to assist families, residents and staff that are struggling with ethical questions related to care, by providing a consultative opinion on the matter presented. The Ethics Committee has a hotline that is monitored frequently. Please leave as much information as you feel comfortable with or your contact information so a representative from the committee can contact you. All information will be discussed in the strictest confidence and comply with all applicable HIPAA privacy laws.

Ethics Line 404.665.4172