Care. It’s in Our DNA.


At Jewish HomeLife, we’ve incorporated the phrase “Care for a New Age” into our brand as a way to describe who we are and what we do. We’ve been providing respectful, dignified senior care and comfort for nearly 70 years. New Age is a double entendre that shares our philosophy of leading-edge thinking, while expressing that every new generation is a “new age” that can benefit from our senior services – and senior care.


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We Embrace and Empower

As the only nonprofit organization in Atlanta with specialties for every stage of the aging journey, we’ve earned the reputation as being a group of passionate people who set a higher standard of care.

Our philosophy is different. We don’t fear age. We embrace it. It’s a fresh approach as we enter a new era. It’s an approach empowering families  to make the most of their time together. In this new era, medical research and treatments are advancing exponentially. People are living longer. The aging population is getting bigger… one thing remains unchanged: as long as families need us, Jewish HomeLife will continue to set the bar, and keep raising it.

Aging Is a Journey. We Have Solutions – at Every Turn

Jewish HomeLife has been studying aging up close for seven decades now. We’ve seen it all. And what did it get us? Expertise. As experts who are passionate about helping people age to the best of their abilities, we asked the question: why should one have to reside in one of our senior or assisted living communities to benefit from our experience?

 The answer was simple – they shouldn’t. So we’re making our real-world solutions and acclaimed level of care available to more people through more outlets. Like our Aviv Rehabilitation Center, Eckstein Home Care, our private home care service, Weinstein Hospice, a community-based hospice program, and our walk-in clinic for primary and urgent care.