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Frequently Asked Questions

Memory Care

How to decide between assisted living and memory care?

Does Medicare cover dementia care?

What is memory care?

When to move from assisted living to memory care?

Does medicare cover memory care?

How much does memory care cost?

Is Alzheimer’s care considered skilled nursing?

When does someone need dementia care?

Is memory care tax deductible?

What is the best way to get your loved one into a memory care facility?

What services does memory care include?

How to find a memory care facility?

What to know about memory care?

Assisted Living

What is the difference between assisted living and memory care?

Does medicare pay for assisted living?

How much does assisted living cost?

What is the difference between assisted living and a nursing home?

What does assisted living provide?

What is assisted living like at Berman Commons?

When is it time to move to assisted living?

Who qualifies for assisted living?

Can a person with dementia live in assisted living?

How long does it take a long term care applicant to get into The William Breman Jewish Home?

The wait depends on a number of factors, including the availability of an appropriate bed and the number of people on the waiting list ahead of the applicant.

Is a donation to The Home required in order to gain admission?


Does a prospective resident have to be Jewish to live at The Home?


What factors are considered by the Admissions Department in the application process?

Admission is based on many factors, including the availability of a room at the appropriate level of care, and the ability of The Home to meet the needs of the applicant. Admission to The Home is based on need, not ability to pay. The Home welcomes applicants of all faiths and ethnicities.

What methods of payment does The Home accept?

Residents may pay for their care in one of four ways:  private pay, Medicaid, Medicare (must meet skilled requirements) and private insurance.

When are visiting hours?

For our residents, this is home, and you are welcome to visit at any time.  You may also accompany residents to activities during your visit. However, we respectfully ask that you please schedule your visits to allow your friend or loved one to participate in his or her usual activities, attend therapy sessions and enjoy his or her regular meals.

If you would like to visit during mealtime, staff members can facilitate having your friend or loved one eat his or her meal in the garden room.

If you are sick, please refrain from visiting.

Who is on the Care Team?

Our care team consists of the many professionals, including the attending physician, a resident care coordinator, a nursing supervisor, a charge nurse, certified nursing assistants, social workers, recreation therapy staff and a dietician.  A physical, occupational and/or speech therapist may also be part of the team.  Family members are also part of the team, too.

When are resident care conferences held?

A conference is scheduled approximately two weeks after admission.  At this meeting, family members can discuss the resident’s plan of care with Care Team members (the physician does not attend this meeting.)  If you cannot be present, you can call in or the social worker will review the plan with you at a later date.

Following the initial meeting, resident care conferences take place every three months.  You will receive written notification of the dates and times.

What comes standard in a long-term care room?

Each room is furnished with an adjustable electric hospital style bed, nightstand, dresser and closet.

What can a long term care resident bring to his or her new home?

Small pieces of furniture and flame retardant chairs may be brought to personalize the room.  Residents are encouraged to bring personal items, such as photos, art or other meaningful mementos to make them feel at home. Televisions, computers and mini-refrigerators are allowed. Please feel free to ask about other specific items.

Whom do I speak to on evenings, nights, weekends and holidays?

Contact the resident’s charge nurse directly.  Additionally, nursing supervisors are available on each shift for assistance with any problems or concerns that may arise. To contact the charge nurse or nursing supervisor, please call 404.351.8410 and the receptionist will direct your call.  After 6:00 p.m., your call will be directed to the nursing floors.

How often is the resident seen by his or her primary physician?

Every month.  The attending physician will also review medical orders each month.

Are family members or residents allowed to tip or give gifts to staff members?

No. Staff members may not accept gifts or cash. Rather, contributions to the staff holiday fund are encouraged.  You may also submit a Mitzvah Gram (described below).

How do I commend staff or express my thanks?

You can submit a Mitzvah Gram either by paper or electronically. Found at the reception desk, write a brief description of the mitzvah (good deed) and your personal message of thanks. The staff member will receive a copy of the Mitzvah Gram and another copy will be placed in his or her personnel file.

Who do I contact to discuss a bill?

Please call the business office at 404.351.8410 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday with questions or to make an appointment.

Where can family members and visitors get something to eat?

Vending machines are located in the terrace dining room on the ground floor.

Helen’s Place Restaurant is open from 11:30am to 2:00pm and 5:30pm to 6:30pm, Monday through Friday, except for certain holidays.  On certain holidays, family members and visitors may purchase a meal ticket from the reception desk.