Outpatient Rehabilitation Services.

When you or a loved one needs post-surgical care services, Aviv Rehabilitation Center’s highly skilled professionals offer a wide range of outpatient therapy and services to maximize recovery and enhance the journey to independence.

Outpatient Therapy Services and Benefits.


  • Physical Therapy: Maximize a person’s physical capabilities and gait
  • Occupational Therapy: Enhance functional ability and participation in daily activities
  • Speech Therapy: Improve communication and swallowing issues

Our Therapists

Our therapists are committed to providing excellent service to our clients by participating in continuing education to learn and provide the most current treatment techniques.

With experience and knowledge, your therapist will create an individualized program that not only meets your needs but helps you to recover, strengthen and restore yourself.


The Standard for Service Excellence

To help our clients safely achieve the highest possible level of independence and self-reliance at the Aviv Rehabilitation Center, you will find:


• Center dedicated to rehabilitation
• Proven track record of successful outcomes
• Comprehensive approach to your therapy program


Getting Started.

To receive outpatient services at the Aviv Rehabilitation Center, you will need a physician’s prescription and be covered by Medicare Part B or by one of our accepted insurance plans for your specific rehabilitation therapy need.