Our Roots Run Deep

What began as The William Breman Jewish Home has grown over the past 68 years to become Jewish HomeLife, a comprehensive network of accommodating communities and high-quality services that meets the many changing needs of seniors and their families.

The Aviv Rehabilitation Center is based on the top floor of The William Breman Jewish Home. Our resident-centered style and bright, airy living spaces make the Aviv Rehabilitation Center feel more like home, enabling residents to focus on their recovery.

Breaking News: Everyone ages

Aging brings wisdom, freedom and travel. But also speed bumps and breakdowns. They’re part of life. So, we fix what’s fixable. If not, we provide supportive care, tools and education to get seniors back on track, to make sure they can enjoy the journey.

Our Team

Outcome-focused rehabilitation services at Aviv help people regain their strength and restore their maximum function following an illness or injury – or when recovering from a chronic condition. Our multidisciplinary care team works closely with our patients’ physicians to develop and execute an individualized plan of care.