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What to Expect

Appointment and Scheduling

Care Plan and Discharge

Activities and Appreciation

What to Expect

When does rehabilitation therapy start each day?

The therapist generally initiates therapy after breakfast. Each patient has individual therapy, and the schedule for each patient varies daily.

How often will I have rehabilitation therapy?

Rehabilitation therapy is individualized and scheduled for five days each week.

What is the average length of stay at the Aviv Rehabilitation Center?

The average length-of-stay is 20 days. Your time frame depends on your prior level of function, discharge plans and therapy potential. If you are unwilling or medically unable to participate in therapy, the plan of care will be reevaluated with the possibility of early discharge.

How much time do I spend in therapy each day?

Depending on rehabilitation therapy care plan, it will range from two to three hours a day. As a new admission during weekdays.

When will evaluation and treatment sessions begin?

The average length-of-stay is three to six weeks. Your timeframe depends on your prior level of function, discharge plans and therapy potential. If you are unwilling or medically unable to participate in therapy, the plan of care will be reevaluated with the possibility of early discharge.

What if I am admitted over the weekend? When does rehabilitation therapy begin?

The nursing supervisor will inform you when therapy will begin.

Is therapy offered on major holidays such as Jewish High Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Passover?

The nursing supervisor will inform you when therapy will begin.

What can I do to manage my pain and enhance therapy success?

It is recommended that you take your prescribed pain medication prior to going to therapy.

What do I wear to therapy?

Please bring comfortable clothing and footwear for use during your therapy sessions. Although wearing shoes may be difficult initially, please bring shoes with appropriate treads.

What about laundry facilities?

Complimentary laundry services are available; however, you may choose to have laundry done elsewhere.

Appointment and Scheduling

If I have a doctor's appointment, do I have therapy?

Absolutely. Therapy occurs even if you have a doctor’s appointment.

What is the best time for family and friends to visit?

The best time for family and friends to visit is in the late afternoon, evenings or weekends to avoid interfering with therapy.

Are my friends,family members or private caregivers allowed to watch me have therapy?

No, unless it has been scheduled with the therapist for caregiver education.

Are outside trips allowed outside the Home?

No. Outside trips are only permitted for doctor’s appointments. Exceptions must be approved by the Rehabilitation Manager.

When should I schedule salon services for hair appointments?

Salon services should be made after therapy has been completed for the day.

Who is responsible for arranging and communicating follow-up medical appointments?

For any follow-up consultations with doctors or surgeons, it is the family’s or your responsibility to arrange for appointments, as well as to communicate with nursing staff and therapists regarding details of the appointments. Therapy will still occur on the day of the doctor’s appointment. As long as

Does the Aviv Rehabilitation Center provide transportation to doctor's appointments?

No. However we will assist in arranging transportation. To arrange for transportation, contact the unit secretary. You or your responsible party will be responsible for all costs incurred.

If I see my doctor, does the Aviv Rehabilitation Center need any information from that visit?

Yes. As a result of seeing a doctor related to your rehabilitation care, paperwork is provided by the charge nurse for your visit. Please have the doctor you are visiting complete the paperwork. Upon your return to the Center, the paperwork should be given to the charge nurse.

What if I choose to have a private duty companion/sitter during my stay? What is the person permitted to do?

Your private duty companion/sitter must be registered. Please contact the social worker for more details. One of the keys to recovery is learning to do as much for yourself as possible. Your private duty companion/sitter does not accompany you to any of the therapy sessions.

Care Plan and Discharge

Is there a home environment evaluation?

During your initial evaluation, if you and or your family member anticipate any home environment concerns, a home evaluation can be scheduled if you live within 20 minutes of The William Breman Jewish Home. Please note that if an evaluation is determined to be necessary, the therapist will meet with you at the location.

What is a care plan meeting and who is involved?

After a patient has been in the program for approximately 5 days, a care plan meeting is scheduled. The patient, family representative or responsible party, social worker, therapists and a nursing representative will be present at the meeting. During this session, the plan of care for the patient will be discussed.

When does the discharge planning begin?

We initiate discharge planning from the beginning of your rehabilitation stay. The projected discharge date will be discussed during the care plan meeting.

Who orders physical therapy or occupational therapy equipment upon discharge?

The rehabilitation therapy team orders the equipment.

What about therapy after discharge?

Therapy staff recommends follow-up therapy after discharge from the Aviv Rehabilitation Center. It can be provided through home health or outpatient services. The Aviv Rehabilitation Center provides outpatient services, as well. Therapists will consult with you regarding their recommendations prior to discharge.

What do I need to do to arrange for outpatient services at the Aviv Rehabilitation Center?

Contact the Rehabilitation Manager to schedule therapy. Have your doctor write a prescription order and fax to the therapy department at 404.351.8410.

How do I arrange for home health services?

The social worker will arrange for home health services.

Does the doctor associated with Aviv Rehabilitation Center write prescriptions for discharge?

The doctor does not write prescriptions. The patient’s personal doctor is responsible once he/she is discharged.

What about follow-up medications?

Your personal physician is responsible to write prescriptions for all follow-up medications.

What if I choose to leave the Aviv Rehabilitation Center before the therapist recommends discharge?

If you choose to leave before the therapist recommends discharge, this may impact your eligibility to receive future services from The William Breman Jewish Home and the Aviv Rehabilitation Center.

Activities and Appreciation

Are there activities available for rehabilitation patients?

Rehabilitation patients are invited to all activities offered by The Home and special programs for Aviv Rehabilitation Center patients. Check weekly calendars for details.

Are there religious services available?

Jewish religious services are available on Saturday mornings as well as on Jewish Holidays. Services are held at the Friedman Chapel in The Zaban Tower.

How do I show appreciation for a staff member and rehabilitation therapist, and what is your gift giving policy?

Although we encourage appreciation of staff, solicitation or acceptance of gratuities by staff members is cause for immediate dismissal. Staff members are NOT allowed to accept cash or gifts. You may bring in food, such as cookies or cake, which may be shared among the staff and placed in the care planning room on each floor and in the rehabilitation therapy room.