Become an Ambassador

We’ve identified three specific roles of Weinstein Ambassadors:

  1. Tell your Weinstein Hospice story to others
  2. Help bring others into Weinstein Hospice’s circle of friends through social media
  3. Build an awareness about Weinstein Hospice in your community

Share Your Story

Weinstein Hospice touches people in so many ways. The care and compassion that’s delivered by the team members leaves a lasting impression, becoming part of a family’s life story.

We would like for you to share your story about Weinstein Hospice with others.

We’re not looking for great writers or would-be novelists — just simply tell your story of how Weinstein Hospice touched your family’s life. You are encouraged to submit photos with your story.

Please include a phone number when you submit your story, so we can verify your name and the names of others.

Become a Social Media Ambassador

Social media like Facebook and Twitter has become the common meeting area of the internet.  Through the collective circles of all the friends of Weinstein Hospice, you help connect our message and our services to thousands of people throughout Metro Atlanta.

Becoming a Social Media Ambassador for Weinstein Hospice is easy.  By becoming a fan of Weinstein Hospice on Facebook or Twitter, you automatically connect us to your circle of friends.  By SHARING our posts and inviting your friends to become fans, you can make that circle grow even larger and make sure that when someone needs our services, they know that Weinstein Hospice is always ready to help.

Become a fan invite a friend to become a fan at any of our social media pages below:

Become a fan of Weinstein Hospice on Facebook
Follow Weinstein Hospice Updates on Twitter

Become a Community Ambassador

Our biggest obstacle to providing patients and their families with the spiritual, emotional and medical support they need is that many don’t know that we’re here to help.

If you are connected to a synagogue or neighborhood organization that publishes a newsletter or sends email communications to its members, we’d appreciate your help to provide them with information and updates about Weinstein Hospice.

We’ll communicate with you regularly (every 1-2 months) by email so that you can share  information on behalf of Weinstein Hospice.

If your community is interested, we can provide workshops and guest speakers on a variety of topics relating to aging, caring for parents and what hospice is (and isn’t).

For more information about the Weinstein Hospice  Ambassador Program please contact Cheryl Johnson 404-998-8879 or [email protected]