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Short-term rehabilitation provides the care and support that’s needed following a hospital stay, surgery, illness or accident. Qualified physical, speech and occupational therapists help patients recover their health and strength so they can return to the highest possible level of independence, safely and securely.

Jewish Home Life Communities helps patients recover, strengthen and restore at the Aviv Rehabilitation Center.

Who Can Benefit from Short-Term Rehabilitation?

Short-term rehabilitation is perfect for those who are being released from the hospital but need more time and professional care following an illness, injury or surgical event. Rehabilitative care gives them the extra care, support and attention they need to fully recuperate and reduce the risk of re-hospitalization.

Is all Short-Term Rehabilitation the Same?

No. There are different types of short-term rehabilitation:


Inpatient short-term rehabilitation is a great option for those who may not be able to manage prescribed therapy in their current living environment. Offered in a dedicated facility like our Aviv Rehabilitation Center, inpatient rehab centers provide a residential environment where a person lives and receives therapy while they recover from an illness, operation or accident. The resident enjoys a private or semi-private room, meals and social activities, and receives a full complement of care, which may include medical care, nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dietary and nutrition care and more. Medicare requires a 3-day hospital stay before a patient can qualify for inpatient rehabilitation.


Outpatient rehabilitation is delivered in a home setting or facility, including private homes, assisted living communities, rehab centers and skilled nursing centers.

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