End of life (Hospice) care

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Hospice care is both a type and philosophy of care that focuses on delivering relief of a terminally ill patient’s pain and symptoms as well as attending to his or her emotional and spiritual needs. Patients can continue seeing their physician who manages care in coordination with the Hospice Medical Director, nurses and social workers. Hospice services can be community-based or in-patient.

Jewish Home Life Communities offers compassionate, community-based hospice services through Weinstein Hospice.

Who Can Benefit from Hospice?

Hospice is ideal for individuals with a life-limiting illness or disease who have chosen to seek comfort care rather than curative treatment. In addition to attending to the patient’s needs, hospice social workers also take care of the family members, providing them with guidance, assistance and bereavement support.

Who Pays for Hospice Services?

Medicare and Medicaid pay for hospice care, and most private insurance plans have a hospice benefit.

Other Options

Hospice honors nature’s way and does not hasten or prolong the dying process. For hospice patients who decide to continue pursuing curative treatment, palliative care is a compassionate option.