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A Bridge Program for Residents with Memory Loss

Pathways is Jewish HomeLife’s new transition program that seamlessly bridges our assisted living and memory care programming. Pathways is for residents who have some level of memory loss but aren’t quite ready for a secure memory care environment. Pathways enables residents who have begun to isolate themselves from their neighbors out of frustration or fear of stigma to be able to engage in the programs they love in a way that works best for them.

Pathways operates within our Assisted Living activities program. As one of our “Clubs”, the Pathways daily routine and  specially designed and moderated activities give residents purpose and the confidence to participate fully at their own level of functioning. Using our exclusive I’m Still Here® approach to engagement as a guide, Pathways dedicated and specially trained staff uses proven techniques to effectively communicate and engage people experiencing memory loss, but offers a modified approach for residents who do not need full memory care services.

Sample Daily Schedule – 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM 

  • Morning Gathering – Residents are brought together every morning to discuss the days theme and schedule
  • Exercise – Movement would vary between chair exercises, courtyard walks, and other physical activities residents choose
  • “Learning for Life” – An interactive discussion about the daily topic including video, presentations, and special guests
  • Lunchtime – Residents eat together, following all safety protocols
  • Arts & Crafts – Projects based on the daily theme including painting, drawing, clay, and other modalities
  • Visual Arts/Drama – Oral, video, and visual conversations regarding the daily topic
  • Math & Science – Exercises to build the mind including experiments and word problems.
  • Afternoon Wrap – Residents talk about what they learned and projects are shared with families

Berman Commons follows all CDC and Department of Community Health guidelines. Residents in our Pathways program will be cohorted together in a small group for all activities and lunch.

Experiences Rather Than Activities:

People living with dementia do not enjoy “busy work” any more than we do. The I’m Still Here® approach provides a choice of meaningful experiences to each resident throughout the day. Social roles and membership in a wide variety of clubs and classes ensure that residents are part of a social context each day. Hearthstone’s extensive research into uncovering skills and methods to engage people based on their personal interests and abilities enables us to incorporate true purpose into each activity experience. Ultimately, the goal of I’m Still Here® is to create opportunities for residents to express their preferences, thereby increasing their independence, self-confidence, and overall well-being.

Themed Activities Provide Hope and Purpose

Each day Pathways resident will participate in a series of themed events and programs, which vary day-to-day. The daily schedule is based on the I’m Still Here® philosophy of purposeful activities that appeal to what a person can still do. This hopeful approach to memory loss encourages participants to learn new skills and interests with different modules such as mind/body, arts, mathematics, critical thinking, new learning, etc. Each week a summary of the residents activities and participation will be provided to families.


Evidence-Based Approach Funded by National Institutes of Health

Supported by more than 25 years of research and field testing by Hearthstone, the methodology of this evidence-based, non-pharmacologic program is founded on Montessori-inspired learning approaches, as well as carefully researched assessment tools designed to reveal skills and abilities in each person.