Our newest Jewish Home Life Community, Berman Commons, offers assisted living services and a secure memory care neighborhood on our top floor. Our 32 private studios, surrounded by touchable artwork and décor in softer colors, provide easy access to our open and airy living, dining and activity rooms, as well as our show-stopping outdoor porch overlooking the MJCCA ball fields. Caregivers can also escort residents to our secure first-floor Memory Garden, where they can walk the path or enjoy the fresh air from a cozy bench.

With our full time Director of Health Services as well as a dedicated LPN on every shift, living in Ackerman Memory Care means peace of mind for families, familiar customs and traditions to spark memorable moments, and socialization and support with dignity for residents. Our Traditions program blends the knowledge and expertise from 60+ years of serving seniors at The William Breman Jewish Home with proven best practices from several leading experts in dementia programming.

Dementia is different for each person and symptoms can change each day. Our Traditions program recognizes that each person is unique, with their own life history, personality, likes and dislikes. Our goal is to meet each individual where they are in that moment and speak their language to provide them the most effective care and support possible.

We use a classification method in the tradition of Teepa Snow (teepasnow.com) to provide multiple levels of cognitive activities for our residents in different stages of their dementia journey.

With an LPN on the floor 24/7, our trained and compassionate caregivers manage all activities of daily living, medications, incontinence and all the individual behaviors that make dementia so stressful for family caregivers to manage without support.

With the help of an occupational therapist, we created Activity “Easy Packs” with cognitively stimulating games and puzzles for staff or family members to enjoy a one-on-one activity with their loved one at any time. Each basket contains easy to follow directions, and the activity makes visiting with a loved one a bit easier for everyone.

Our dedicated Engagement Director also works with caregivers to integrate therapeutic activities each day as part of a more structured routine. Our Daily Themes schedule includes:

  • Gross motor skills such as exercise, walking outdoors, dancing and gardening
  • Self-care activities like dressing, personal hygiene and grooming
  • Social activities that include games, parties and music
  • Sensory awareness activities such as aroma and taste recognition, music therapy, tactile experiences, visual stimulation and item recognition
  • Rest and relaxation including watching a favorite movie or TV show with new friends

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